Working with Body Language


Recognise this?

You are a coach or therapist.
Your client is experiencing stress or post-traumatic stress syndrome.
You’ve analysed the problem, and yet, your client doesn’t manage to make the desired change.
You know you need to work on a deeper level. It’s then that working with body language provides a wonderful method.

But what if the client’s body language doesn’t match what they say? That’s really interesting! Then body language analysis fits TA-therapy perfectly.
Because the body tells its own story… and it does not lie.
The stress experienced by a client says something about what the client really needs in order to feel safe.

If you listen to this story, you know exactly what needs to be done.
Without anything more needing to be said.
Because the breathing, eyes, mouth and hands of your client themselves speak volumes.


When to use body language analysis?

  • If your client has stress or trauma-related complaints.
  • If your client is failing to change behaviour patterns, even though he or she understands exactly what’s going on.
  • If you want to help your client understand the causes of physical complaints.
  • If you are somewhat stuck in your work with a client and want to employ a powerful tool in addition.
  • If you understand what you are experiencing in your body, you’ll want to use in your work in a correct and efficient way.

For People on the Move will organize two modules:
Working with Body Language – Basic course
Working with Body Language – Completion Course