About Linda

For People on the Move is not a random name. It springs from my personal experiences. Recognize parts of my story?
A long journey… which brings me back to myself
My life journey starts in 1961.
As a young university student I discovered Transactional Analysis. And it never let go of me.

With TA as a compass I‘m ‘on the move’ in all senses of the word. I travel around the world, from Nigeria to Australia.
In Sydney, I immerse myself in TA. With a certificate ‘Certified Transactional Analyst’ in my pocket, I return to Belgium. I imagine a clear goal: sharing the insights of TA with other people who are on the move, either literally or figuratively.
I achieve the diploma Trainer and Supervisor of Transactional Analysis, awarded by the European Association for Transactional Analysis. For my clients this is the guarantee of a quality approach.

Gradually I feel that body language is an important source of self-knowledge. And that it fits TA perfectly. Because thanks to TA, you see how old patterns contribute to stress and other emotions. But body language goes even deeper. The body also stores the patterns and emotions. And you feel: you are wrong, you want to run away or you feel paralyzed. So, you listen to your body? Then you need time back to the core of what your soul needs. Therefore, the combination so beneficial, especially for stress and trauma-related complaints.


What motivates me?

My love for people and for the profession.
After a long and distant search, I now find harmony in my life. Transactional Analysis and working with body language has shown me the way.

And that gift I love to share with anyone who wants to receive it.