Training ‘Happy Helper’ with Transactional Analysis


How to stay motivated and inspired when working with other people?

Working with other people requires inspiration and motivation.
Especially when you want to work in a coaching way with people: if you want them to reach their full potential. And if you also want this for yourself: reaching your full potential. 
At times, it might become ‘too much’. You might feel tired or burn-out.
Changing yourself and others, that demands courage and daring. And it requires technique. Transactional Analysis offers an accessible but deep model. It comes from the personality theory of the Canadian psychiatrist Eric Berne.

Sounds theoretical? No worries. The training is practical and sets out concrete goals.


What’s the starting point?

As a child you take decisions about yourself and your surroundings. These choices determine your life. In TA terms is called ‘the script’. In a first step you analyse your script. In the next phase you change it. You will look for behaviours that foster your growth and development.

Feel the movement?


Who is ‘Happy Helpers’ and Transactional Analysis for?

For everyone. At least, if you want to understand yourself and others better. And if you know that good communication is the key. At work and at home.

Executives apply Transactional Analysis for efficient people management. Caregivers and counsellors use the TA techniques in hospitals and care centres. And teachers use it in schools.


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