How to ‘see’ your stress?

BLOG BODY LANGUAGE ‘Stress’: who doesn’t have it? Everyone sometimes has had moments or periods of stress in their lives. Whether it’s due to too much work, or the large stream of information coming at you, your personal problems, health problems, or because you’ve experienced a loss or trauma. We have all to do deal […]

Still tired after your vacation?

  Do you still feel tired after the holidays and you have the feeling that you need a vacation again as soon as possible?   Or do you know someone who, after their holidays, doesn’t feel completely rested and relaxed?   During the work year we often feel tired. Without saying so, we find that […]

Have you had enough of lists?

Have you had enough of lists? You too?   Every day lots of messages arrive… oh yes… and yet another list. This morning I read lists about how I can live in a minimalistic way in five easy steps… and another listing the ten steps I need to take to get my administration under control […]

Brexit and Transactional Analysis

  Looking to the Brexit from Transactional Analysis   Ever since last Friday morning we haven’t been able to avoid it: Brexit is now a fact. Via all possible media channels we were informed about the (to me startling) outcome of the British vote to ‘Leave’ or to ‘Remain’. In all the commentary, my attention […]