Happy customers


Training Transactional Analysis


The participants are people who work professionally with people or want to do so. They understand that personal and professional growth go hand in hand. They aspire to grow, so that in both their personal and their professional lives they are are happy, satisfied and feel energetic and can handle stress.

Often they are younger colleagues, self- coaches or therapists, looking themselves looking for a healthy way to bring their (giving help to others) professional lives into harmony with their personal lives in a healthy way. Sometimes they are people from the service sector who want to deal effectively with their customers. Sometimes they are people in the education sector who want to find better ways to deal with students, colleagues and managers. There are also people who are managing teams who want to become more efficient.




I am more aware of what I need and of what my partner needs. I am also more aware of what my team members need and about what I need for myself.
This makes things a lot easier. I feel how much I am growing.


Because I am changing my way of communicating, I am getting so much more appreciation in my team. I notice how more and more people are looking for my advice and support and I am delighted about this. When I coach by using TA, I can see that a lot of people are taking more responsibility.. In fact I realise now how much I can help people in their growth.


I feel more relaxed when I am in a meeting. I am more able to feel my feelings and this helps me to relax. I am not so afraid any more of all these emotions.


I am slowing down and finding some inner rest and peace. I’m not working so hard any more and taking it more easy.


I realise how much I am changing. I am rebuilding my boundaries. I am finally welcoming myself.


I am using TA on a regular base. It is helping me in my work but also in the communication with my partner. I am happy with the impact of the training. It is making my life much easier.


I am changing little things in my communication… and this makes me happy because the impact is huge. Because of this I got some opportunities in my work. And I am very happy with this.


I don’t stress so often about my relationships at work. I am more at ease.


The realisation that ‘I am OK and others are OK’ has helped me in my professional ànd in my personal life. I am more patient now. I just say to people ‘Tell me your story’ and this helps me and helps them


I am more accepting of myself and of other people.


I realise my script and my pitfalls. This helps me to grow.


I am learning to trust people, not assuming any more that they are out to get me. This helps me a lot and I am building trust.


When I look back at how I am working, I realise how much I changed. I didn’t realise it when it happened, but I now see that I am more and more respecting my own needs. And this has as a result that people are respecting me a lot more.


Linda, thank you so much for these three wonderful days. I learned a lot about what it means to be assertive. I liked the way you worked with me and with the group. Thanks.
K.V. (translation L.H.)


Dear Linda,

I really would like to thank you again for this course.

The way you taught the course was super! You were our ‘teacher’ without behaving as if you knew it all. You invited us to give our input and adjusted the course to our needs. Because you were willing and able to communicate on a meaningful level, I decided to take the risk and do the same.
I am so glad I did! After these three days, I’m convinced that good communication is important, and I’m impressed by the way you apply the material in your own communcation. I never realised before how important this is, and I decided to follow some additonal training.


Linda, I would like to thank you for the way you facilitated this course in intercultural communication. You’ve created many learning opportunities for me. I got a real treasure of information, which will be useful in my intercultural communication and also in teamwork. I realize that we as participants added a lot to the content of this course, but I really like the way you invited us to do so. You are an experienced trainer and this shows in your work. Thanks!


Hello Linda,

After the course on bodywork, I worked in such a beautiful way with my own client. I was able to work with her on intimacy from a body perspective. I used the approach you showed us during this course. I’m so happy we met. Thank you again for what you did, and for being such a beautiful example.
F.O. (Translation L.H.)


Hello Linda,

I would like to thank you again for the impressive course on bodywork. I learned so much on two levels: my personal process and my development as a professional.
L.V. (Translation L.H.)


Linda has a very supportive and professional style as a supervisor. She is emphasizing establishing my own unique way of working, and she is great at encouraging me to trust my intuition. I enjoy working with her, and with her guidance I learn a lot about how to combine theory & practice in an efficient way.

We always carefully reflect on my learning opportunities, identifying potential growth both as a psychotherapist in training and as an individual. All these have helped me a lot to build up my confidence to start my practice as a psychotherapist.


I started seeing Linda in October 2013.  When I started, I wasn’t sure where to start except that there was always something about my script in the area of how I deal with my own anger and other people’s anger. As I continued to work with Linda, this theme became bigger and clearer as to what it was and where it is rooted. The therapy basically helped me to see the inconsistency in what I say and what I show on my face when I am angry. This was a revelation and very helpful in terms of self awareness. There has been definitely a big healthy shift in terms of change, growth and confidence in the way I deal with other people’s anger as well. Thank you Linda for helping me in this journey. Looking forward to learning more.


Psychotherapy & Coaching


My clients are ‘People on the Move’ in various senses of the phrase. These are people who are struggling with large and small questions, both in their private and in their professional lives and are looking for someone who will talk to them about what touches their hearts and helps them to find a solution. That solution may consist of individual coaching, therapy, supervision or training. More and more there are those with a diagnosis of burnout or CVS (chronic fatigue syndrom). And there are often people who suffer from stress or trauma-related complaints.
There are also people who do not have a specific problem, but are searching for meaning and depth.




After my general practioner diagnosed me with burnout, she referred me to Linda for treatment. The therapy consisted of two important parts. On the one hand, the sessions helped me to understand how the structure of my personality led me to become burnt-out. And then the focus on the bodily symptoms taught me to focus on my body and acknowledge the signals my body gave me. Both aspects gave a new positive direction to my life, and eventually led to an interesting change of carreer.
C.H. (Translation L.H.)


Before I arrived on Linda’s doorstep, I felt uncertain and lost. I didn’t know which direction to take on both a personal and professional level. I felt I didn’t know who I really was. Linda’s warm personality, her sincerity, gentleness and direct approach, led me to new insights in myself, new knowledge and new ideas. These sessions provided the warm blanket I needed in a cold stage of my life. Step by step I warmed up again and I felt ready for life, both in my relationships and professionally. My life changed so much and I’m still building on the new foundation I built with Linda’s guidance. It’s hard to find words for my gratefulness.
I.D. (Translation L.H.)


It was not an easy step for me, to allow somebody to help me…to allow somebody access to my deepest feelings. I wasn’t sure if it would click with Linda and if I could trust her. Would she take me seriously, and would I find what I need?
But on my exploration into new insights, I found in Linda the ideal guide. The way she helped me to listen to myself, reflect on what I say and especially on how I say it, added so much to the way I live my life: in my day to day life, in my communication with others, in critical situations where decisions need to be taken.
Her down to earth approach, together with the transactional analysis models, invited me to realize that the input and action need to come from within myself. If, now and then, I ever get lost on my path, I know I have found a guide who’s there for me.


When a friend advised me to see another ‘therapist’ I sighed. Yes, I was determined to handle my divorce as an opportunity to become stronger. Yes, I wanted to learn from what went wrong in the past to prevent getting into the same pattern if I ever decided to start a new relationship. But another therapist? The latest session with a ‘shrink’ was even interrupted by my sudden leaving, frustrated and angry. Because this therapist ‘knew’ what I needed, what I should do, but I didn’t feel he really listened to what I said. Waste of – let’s be honest – a considerable amount of money and also waste of my precious time…
But ok, my friend insisted (as friends can do) and I made an appointment. Not with a ‘therapist’ but with a ‘coach’, as I learned later. A coach using transactional analysis as a tool to change those pattern and rituals in your life whenever those patterns are holding you back instead of allowing your personality to develop.
It became clear it was the breakthrough I was looking for. During the coaching sessions facilitated by Linda Hoeben, a simple model, comprehensible even to someone not schooled in psychology, gave me insight into my feelings and thoughts, and the behaviour which arises in my personal and professional relationships.
As a result, my self-confidence has increased. People around me notice that I look better, and my colleagues and superior at work compliment me because the quality of my work has improved.
And yes… a few months ago I found happiness again in a new relationship.


Linda has helped me to make sense of my confused approach to my marriage, and she helped me to have a better attitude to myself and how I function in relationships in general. I can wholeheartedly recommend Linda.


When I came to Linda, I knew exactly what I wanted – someone who would listen and let me offload without judging. I found more than that; I found someone with a great sense of humour, and an ability to see what lies beyond.


It always has been easy and pleasant to communicate with Linda. I highly appreciate her ability to help identify problems and facilitate the search for multiple solutions.