Linda Hoeben works together with an international team of exceptional trainers. You will be hearing the TA story from an array of different perspectives. This way, you will be able to develop your own story, based on a more complete view on TA. I’m working with certified trainers only, so that every hour attended counts towards your certification as well.


Lieuwe Koopmans, PTSTA-O

Lieuwe is an experienced coach, trainer and consultant in the organizational work field. He is writer of several books on TA (‘Dit ben ik!, worden wie je bent met Transactionele Analyse‘ en ‘Dit zijn wij! de kracht van de ontmoeting’, ). The first book is available in English. He delivers training around Functional Fluency and organizational TA and cocreative coaching in Holland and all over the world. (England, South Africa, India, Brasil).


Karen Minukin, MSc, TSTA-P, UKCP Reg

Karen is active within her national organization: in UKATA as Chair of ‘Diversity and Social Responsibility’ and also serving on Training Standards Committee.
She has written a number of articles and chapters in book that capture her professional and academic interests of integrating political and psychodynamic processes with Transactional Analysis.


Mil Rosseau, PTSTA-E

Passionate TA Trainer, supervisor, coach and therapist since 1985.  
Co-founder and principal of BIRD (Business Institute for ReDecision): Redecision workshops in a business environment.
Co-founder and principal of Autonoom: Masterclasses in TA.


Mark Widdowson, PhD, TSTA-P, UKCP Reg

Mark is a Registered Psychotherapist. He is a lecturer in psychotherapy and counselling at the University of Salford and has a small private psychotherapy practice in central Manchester.
Mark is an active psychotherapy researcher and is particularly known for his research on the effectiveness of TA therapy for depression.